El Santero, a cultural space founded by Zacatecan artist Alfonso López Monreal, is another one of the venues for the biennial’s curatorial program. Architect Giacomo Castagnola will adapt the space, which will house the offices of the biennial, some exhibition programming, and the biennial’s artistic residencies, as well as the talks and workshops given by the international artists during their visit.El Santero will also host the biennial’s pedagogical program, and will house seminars with art historians, biennial curators, and art theorists invited to participate in the biennial’s new educational initiative.

Themes include:

  • A review of local independent spaces
  • A review of graphic arts in Zacatecas, including conversations  between artists and editors about the state of the discipline
  • Arts Education
  • Art History (ies)  in Zacatecas: its research and local context
  • Museums, community museums

Conditioning of the Space

The first project commissioned by the XIII FEMSA Biennial was offered to architect, museographer, and designer Giacomo Castagnola, whose research has focused on the self-constructed, informal architecture that makes up eighty percent of the growing mobile urban infrastructure of many Latin American cities. Currently, Castagnola works in Mexico City in exhibition design that seeks to transcend the white cube model and the bureaucracy of drywall as a dominant material.

The project designed by  Castagnola for El Santero,

is part of a collaboration with two artisans from Jerez, Zacatecas, Miguel Morales Muro and his son Daniel, who built two types of straw chairs typical to the region. These concept models will serve as furniture in the space that will be used for the various activities of We Have Never Been Contemporary.


Callejón de Gómez Farías Antes el Santero 107-109, Zacatecas Centro, 98000, Zacatecas, Zac.