This program includes activities aimed at local artists, students, and professionals interested in the relationship between art and education as a formal curatorial or artistic question. It will be made up of theoretical seminaries with curators, historians, and other academics, as well as workshops and activities in experimental pedagogy with specialists in areas of art mediation and experimental pedagogy. Participants in the pedagogical program will be selected through an open call. Through this program the biennial seeks to consolidate a group of participants that will function as local interlocutors for the XXI FEMSA Biennial that will also attend the pedagogical and programming activities. The guiding concept to be developed through this program will reflective generosity as as pedagogical and artistic for collaborative construction of knowledge. This component of the biennial will consist of extensive programming beginning in February 2018, with the objective of experimenting with and reflecting on unconventional formats of producing experiences, circulating content, and approaching the city and its museum institutions.